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                                You wouldn't believe
                                     By: 311
                            Score tabbed by: Bill Dunn

As easy as this song is, i'd figured i'd take the time anyway.                     

Tuning: Standard for 4 or 5 sting basses

This song can be played if you have a four or five string bass (even though
P-Nut uses a five string)  I was using a four, and no matter what you can
still play the song, it's just that easy.  Here's the main bassline that P-Nut
Plays usually, the rest you can have fun with.  Take the top or bottom
part depending on how many strings you have.

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  Q  Q  E E E E   +E  Q  E Q  Q    Q  Q  E E E E   +E  Q  E E E Q

Here's the cool part bridge thingy he does.

  Q  Q  E Q  E   +E  Q  E Q  Q    Q  Q    +Q.   S S   W

  Q  Q  E Q  E   +E  Q  E Q  Q    Q  H.        Q.   S S H

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