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hey my name is eric and its 1:15 on a sunday night,,,i have nothing 
to do so heres a great 311 song called right now. I think it sounds 
great acoustically but see for YOURSELF.

Artist: 311                 NIX HEX is the man
Title: right now
Album: Omaha Sessions
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e x 2 x x x
b x 3 1 x x
g x 2 0 4 x
d 2 0 2 4 5
a 2 x 3 2 5
E 0 x x x 3 

 It looks really simple and boring,, but u should seriously try it 
 out on an acoustic,, electric would work too but wouldnt have the 
 same affect.

  Jay is lanky and Matt does whatever i say at anytime,, 10 times 
  Damn that didnt sound good.    inside joke