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The Way I Feel Chords

This song's lead line should be played in Drop C, you should, however, play these chords
in Stndard Tuning: EADGBE (Fat to Skinny).

Cm: Bb: Gm: Am:  G:
|3| |1| |3| |0| |3|
|4| |3| |3| |1| |3|
|5| |3| |3| |2| |4|
|5| |3| |5| |2| |5|
|3| |1| |5| |0| |5|
|3| |1| |3| |0| |3|

It is important that these fingerings are used for the chords.

Verse 1: You can strum Cm every now and again if you wish, otherwise, leave it to the lead guitar here.
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Lately I've been wandering
Off the narrow path
You've given me so many things that I've never had
And all in all I know it's you that always pulls me through
If you reach deep inside you'll see my heart is true

Chorus: (The Am is an extra chord, you can choose whether or not to play it.)

        Cm       Bb    Gm     G       Am
Cause I hate the way I feel tonight
      Cm     Bb       Gm    G    
And I know I need you in my life
      Cm       Bb    Gm    G       Am
Yes I hate the way I feel inside
      Cm         Bb       Gm    Gm
And I promise to make the sacrifice 

That's it! Enjoy!