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Wall Street Shuffle Chords

This is one of my first tablatures I've made.

// Warwicker

||-----2--5--2-----------4--2-----------||      Play this 2 times
||--5-----------5--7-----2--2-----------||          ( x2 )

Em           C      Bm   Em 
Do the wall street shuffle
                 C       Bm   Em
hear the money rustle
                     C       Bm  Em
watch the greenbacks tumble
                   C6       Bm  Em
feel the sterling crumble
G               C
you need a year to make a mark
G                 Cmaj7 C6
if you wanna make mon   ey
G                  C
you need the luck to make a buck
Gdim              Cmaj7 C6
if you wanna be a Get   ty
Dm9   Dm7          Dm
Rothschild you've gotta be cool on Wall
street gotta be cool on Wall street
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When your index is low
Dow Jones ain't got time for the bums
     Dm                       Gm6
They wind up on skid row with holes in
their pockets  they plead with you Buddy
         G       D                 Bm
can you spare a dime but you ain't got
                  B      Em / C7 /B7 /Em /
the time you're doing the
         /C7   /B7  Em/  / G         Gmaj7
doin the                  oh Howard Hughes
C                         G       Bm
Did your money make you better
Em                                Am7
are you waiting for the hour when you can
       Am            Gm7
screw me cause your big enough to do the
Em          C          Bm   Em
wall street shuffle
              C     Bm   Em
Let you money hustle
                     C       Bm   Em
Bet you'd sell your mother
                  C6     Bm
you can't buy another

repeat 3X Em/ Am Em/Am Em/Em7 Am Em /D /
A7 D Em/ D / A7

3rd time A7  D/ B  /  B7 B / B7  Em
                                doin the
C7 / B7/ Em             C7   B7  Em/
           doin the  /  
G                          C
You lay your bets and sell you wheel
        Gdim                Cmaj7  C6
and deal but you're livin on instinct
G               C           Gdim
you get a tip  you follow it and you make
      Cmaj7  C6
a big killing
Dm  / Gm9 Gm7 / G Dm7 /

Em         Am Em/ Am Em/ Em7 Am Em / D /
Wall street
A7 D /Em / D / A7 D/ repeat.

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