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Speak To Angels Chords

Intro: C#  F#   A    F#  (2 veces)

C#                                        A
I was there when jesus came down from the cross...
C#                                    A          
Everyone was just standin' round like idiots....
 B                                        C# D  
These are the things that u can't explain
D                               A
Killing all of what's makin' u ok
Shouldn't be that way.

So this is how to talk when you speak to angels
A                                             E
Dreamin' while you walk with chimin' bangles yeah
I could see it tonight....
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This is what they say when they tell the story a 
cold hearts waitin for a moments glory
Guess i don't know why...
They're always singin'

My love will take u higher
A                         E   
My heart is still on fire yeah...
Wanna hear u say

Your love can take this higher
A                             E   
To everything that you desire yeah....
Wanna hear you say

Solo:  B  F#  A  F# ( 2 veces)

(Lo demás son los mismo acordes: estrofa, coro y puente)

Tell me babe are you feelin' down givin' up your hope
Sure i know that these feelins' they won't let you

These sort of things shouldn't block your way
And believin's all u need to feel ok....
It should be eaasya....   (Repeat chorus and puente)

Saludos a Georgia y Mostazin