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Dont Ever Think Too Much Tab

Woooooooooo this is the brand new single from The Zutons!!!This is such a gr8 song!
If u havent heard it yet then run to the TV and put MTV2 on!!(the song basically lives
on that channel!)

Ok,so,this was the second tab that was sent to me this morning so yet again I havent had
time to play it but im more than sure that its right-coz otherwise wats point in sending
it to me!?
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/z/zutons/dont_ever_think_too_much_tab.html ]
Ok this is an extreamly short song so i think its the intro. If its not then its jus a
v.short tab lol



I havent changed it any way thats how it was sent to me but if there is more
to the tab then dont worry ill find out A.S.A.P but until then hope u enjoy this tab.
Ne probs? my e-mail is in_your_world@hotmail.co.uk