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When You Get There Chords

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Artist/Author: Zebra / Randy Jackson
Title: When You Get There
Album: Zebra
Transcribed by: Philip D'Antoni, July 14, 2001
Email: pdantoni@earthlink.net

Verse 1:
    F                                                        E
You wake up in the morning, And you're not feeling quite the same.
    F                                                               E
You feel a gentle hand upon you, But you seem to have forgotten her name.
    Am                          G#
You put on your clothes, You're heading home,
       G                            F#m
You're hoping and praying you won't be all alone.
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             F       G       Am      G
When you get there
             F       G       Am      G
When you get there

Verse 2:
    F                                                                    E
You haven't had a chance to think, about explaining where you slept till noon.
    F                                                             E
You can't say you were working all night, 'Cause it's Sunday afternoon.
    Am                       G#
The truth is so hard, You'll never come back.
       G                        F#m
'Cause a one night stand is not worth the attack.

Repeat chorus


Verse 3:
       F                                                   E 
You're walking up to our front door, As my face comes into view.
    F                                                           E
You think you have a pretty good lie, You say you slept at Mary Lou's.
    Am                 G#
You open the door, You start telling lies,
    G                           F#m
But then from the hall you hear Mary Lou cry.

Repeat chorus twice

Note: Play all barre chords, except E.