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June Chords

song: June
artist: Pete Yorn
album: musicforthemorningafter


[D]Pots and pans are indestructible

[Am]How do you respect your room?

[D]If you hadn’t gone tomorrow, 

[Am]you could have stayed on ‘til June

[D]It’s alright if I was older,

[Am]it’s ok to lose your age, 


[G]and I, want to follow you,[D]

[Am]I do, I do. [Em]

2nd Verse:

[D]It’s another I could trust you, 

[Am]it’s another thing to swear, 

[D]I’m ok with all the others,

[Am]it’s just her I cannot stand, I'm old
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[G]enough to feel the way I do

[D]and I know [Am] that you are [Em] true, 

it’s just a part of my genes [G]

[D] [Am] [D] [Am] 

And I want you to know, [D]

it’s hard to wait on, 

I’ll [Am] swallow you whole, wait

[D] kindly in the next room....[Am] 

And you have stayed, [G]

a mile away [D] from me,

and you will [G] stay a mile away [D] from me 

if you know [Am] what’s good for you,[Em]

you could have stayed until June. [D] [Am]...

D: x00232
Am: x02210
G: 320033
Em: x22000