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Honky Tonk Man Chords

Well I 'm a honky tonk man
And I can't seem to stop
                           A                                E  
I love to give the girls a whirl to the music of an old jukebox
And when my money's all gone telephone 
Singin hey hey momma can your daddy come home
      E                  B               
Well I'm livin' wild and dangerously
      A                                               E
Yeah I've got (anyone have an idea what the rest of this line is???)
    E                     B
The moon comes up and the sun goes down
A                                 E
I can't wait to see the lights of town (Chorus)

instrumenal break (Chorus)
Hey now a pretty little girl and a jug of wine
That's what it takes to make a honky tonk time
The jukebox moanin those honky tonk sounds
Well I can't wait to lay my money down (Chorus 2x)

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