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Way Away Chords

Everyone else was way off with this song. Here's how it really goes.
Drop D Tuning - Key of F
Most of it is power chords.

D   G-Bb (repeat)

Verse 1:
  I think im breaking out
  Im gonna leave you now
  Theres nothing for me here
     F      C/E
Its all the same

And even though I know
That everything might go
Go downhill from here
Im not afraid!!!
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 D                           F
Way away away from here ill be
Bb                       F/A
Way away away so you can see
        Gm                         Dm
How it feels to be alone and not believe
    Gm                   F/A     Bb
It feels to be alone and not believe


On the light part it's back and forth between D and Bb.
On the heavy part it walk up: D E F G Bb

If you've seen versions one and two, they're wrong. This is the correct way to play it.