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October Nights Chords

yellowcard: october nights
tabbed: brett5  tuning-standard
Chords   D-005770     C#-046600   G-355000  F#/G-255000 
              B-024400      A/C#-047700     E-022100

intro: D-050700 strum

D    C#  G   F#
Warm October nights
B            A               F#         G
You came and cuddled next to me baby yah yah
B         E
Our noses brushed so close
B           E
I wished it was our souls
F#              G
Drifting off to sleep
D                F#                G
I could hear the little snores you made
watching eyes shut tight
D     F#                G                 B
Like doors to something sweeter where you rest
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G       D
Tear me off a piece of blanket
G       D
keep me warm and we can make it
G         D
Here's my heart, I'll let you break it
G            D                 A
Touched your skin and I can't take it

Breakdown: B, C#, D

D     C#   G         F#
Light will creep in soon
B           A               F#        G
And I still haven't slept a wink baby yah yah yah
B          E
I wish the sun would hide its head
B          E
So I could watch you dream some more
D       G                      D
I wanna watch you dream some more
D       G                      D
I wanna watch you dream some more
F#      G
I wanna watch you dream some more girl
I wanna watch you
end: D

well i tried, it works for me, yellowcard rock! enjoy