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For Lovers Chords

For Lovers-Wolfman&Doherty

D           Am
I'm Running Away With You
C           G
That All I Ever Do
D           Am
And Thats All We Ever Mean
C           G
I Forgive You Everything
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Meet Me At The Railroad Bar
About Seven O'clock
We'll Talk While The Sun Goes Down
Watch The Lovers Leaving Town
D            Am
This Is For Lovers
C         G
Running Away 
D            Am
This Is For Lovers
C         G
Running Away Just For Today

I'm Running Away With You From Yesterdays News
Lets Leave It All Behing Help Me BAck To My Mind
Cause I Payed The Penalty
And Your The Jailor Ratlin The Key
But The Key Was Mine I Keep A Spell 
On Everytime
For The Music Bit Just Make It Up!
By Paddy