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She Is My Cain Tab

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Artist: Wolfgang
Song: She is my cain
Album: Acoustica/Wurm
Tabbed by: Sarvjit

this is the acoustic version of the song

Intro and verse
G                  F
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    C#M7     F                                  C#M7     F              G
e|-------------------|   |-7---7---7---7--|  |--------------|   |----3-----3---|
B|----5------1-------|   |---8---8---8---8|  |----5------1--|   |----3---3-----|
G|----4------2-------|3x |----------------|  |----4------2--|3x |----0---------|
D|----5------3-------|   |----------------|  |----5------3--|   |----0---------|
A|-3---------3-------|   |----------------|  |-3---------3--|   |----2---------|
E|-------------------|   |----------------|  |--------------|   |----3---------|

Interlude: verse and refrain


She is my drug
she is my vein
she is my life
she is my pain
she is my wheat
she is my grain

I can abstain though I know it's so plain
she is my cain
upon the night i see her eyes her tears are my skies her heart beats my life
I can't refrain though I know it's so plain

she is my cain
she is my night
she is my day
she is my sun
she is my rain

I can't complain cause I know she's my bane
she is my bane