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So Long Chords

Willy Mason - So Long

This is a wonderful little song for beginners to learn, it'll help get you used to
fingering an F chord quickly. :D Just chords! Enjoy!

Chords Used

   G   C   F   Em

I wrote to you last night because I couldn't sleep
C                                                G
My concience felt the paradox of law between the sheets
When I woke up this morning I knew I had a song to sing
F                     C                                   G
But I'm too scared to sing it now, there's no time for daydreams

I camped out on the floor of a university
I saw kids running so so fast that they could barely see
Bars across my window for my own safety
I wonder is this really where, where I wanna be?
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So long, so long
F       C           G
I'll be movin, movin on
So long, so long
F       C        G
I'll be movin on

Dirty dirty feet from the concert in the grass
I wanted to believe that freedom there could last
16 eyes now watch me for the choice I'm bound to make
Their doubt threatens to draw me from the path I'm bound to take

So long, so long
I'll be movin, movin on
So long, so long
I'll be movin on

Em         C                 G
Do you remember when we were young
Em           C                  G
And we could name the things we ran from
Em                C           G
What are your shadows hiding now?
Em                 C                                 G
When anxiety's a nightmare, which hero is gonna come around?
C            G        C         G
Well i'll come around if you'll come around

So long, so long
F       C           G
I'll be movin, movin on
So long, so long
F       C      F   C  G
I'll be movin, movin on
F   C  G  F   C  F
movin on, movin on