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I Cant Cry Hard Enough Tab

Verse chords:
C G Am C F Em G  Intro thingy
Chorus chords: 
Can't Cry Hard Enough
Artist: 	  The Williams Brothers
Songwriter:	  David Williams & Marvin Etzioni
Transcribed/Arranged by:   Steve Noskowicz
Tabbed by Ricky jay lonceras
Key of C

Am G Am A# C G Am C F Em G C
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Intro and Between verses        Alternate version           
   C                               C                    
e|-------------0---|-3----|     e|-----3-------0---|-3----| 
B|-----1-----------|-1----|     B|-----1-------1---|-1----| 
G|---0---0---0---0-|-0----|     G|---0---0---0---0-|-0----| 
D|---------3-------|-2----|     D|---------3-------|-2----| 
A|-3---------------|-3----|     A|-3---------------|-3----| 
E|-----------------|------|     E|-----------------|------| 
I'm gonna live my life            
  G                              Am
         like every day's - the  last 
  C                                F
           without a simple good - by  
   Em             G                 C   (intro)
           It all goes by so         fast

That's pretty much it for the verse.  The chorus is done with chords.
It goes Verse 1, Ver 2, Ver 3, Chorus, Ver 4, Ver 2, Chorus end.

Verse 1:
I'm gonna live my life
Like every day's the last
Without a sim-ple good-by
It all goes by so fast

Verse 2:
And now that you're gone
I can't cry hard enough
No I can't cry hard enough
For you to hear me know

Verse 3:
Gonna open my eyes
And see for the first time
I've let go of you like
A child letting go of his kite
         Am              G                
There it goes  up in the sky
         Am               A#                
There it goes  beyond the clouds
              C          G               Am
For no reason why--------y   I can't cry hard enough
C                  F            Em            G       C   (CaddD)   
....No I can't cry hard enough--   for you to hear me now

Verse 4:
Gonna look back in vain
And see you standing there
When all that remains
Is just an empty chair