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Im A Man Chords

A6    x04230
A7    x05050
Am7   xxx988
A/G   3x222x

      A5  /D5 C5|A5

                             A5 /D5 C5|A5
When I was a little boy
At the age of five
I had something in my pocket
Keep a lot of folks alive
But I'm a man now
I'm age twenty-one
Gonna tell all you women, you know, we gonna have a lotta fun
I'm a man now
I spell M A N

A5                            A5                           A5 A6 A7
  Gonna make love all the time,      'Cause I'm a man now
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I tell ya baby, you don't do me no wrong
                  A/G    A5 A/G
'Cause I tease ya bad,      I'll love ya long



|A5    |(G)(G#)(A)(G)(G#)(A)|A5    |(G)(G#)(A)(G)(G#)(A)|

|A5   |A/G   |A5   |A/G  |

|A5 A6 |A7   A6 |A5  A6 |A7 A6 |A5    |D7   |E7   |A5   |

|D   |     |    |    |A5    |      |     |      |

|E             |
   Tell all you women
|D                          |                          |A5
  Don't do me no wrong, now, 'cause you know I'm a man

|D D D A |Am6 |A5  G  |D  E  |A5