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Fell In Love With A Girl Chords

The White Stripes
Fell In Love With A Girl 
Tabbed by Peter Vidlicka

Normal tuning
B,A,D,E   1x

Chorus 1:
Fell in love with a girl 
fell in love once and almost completely 
she's in love with the world 
but sometimes these feelings 
can be so misleading 

she turns and says "are you alright?" 
I said "I must be fine cause my heart's still beating" 
"come and kiss me by the riverside, bobby says it's fine he don't consider it cheating" 
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Chorus 2:
Red hair with a curl 
mellow roll for the flavor 
and the eyes for peeping 
can't keep away from the girl 
these two sides of my brain 
need to have a meeting 

can't think of anything to do 
my left brain knows that 
all love is fleeting 
she's just looking for something new 
and I said it once before 
but it bears repeating 

I play chords the easiest way:
    B  A  D  E  F#  

I don't feel like writing where do you have to play what chords you gotta listen to the song and feel it;-),
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