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No No Chords

Song        : No No
Artist      : Westlife
Chord by    : Leonard Ric L. Lampac
              Batch MM5
              SLU Boys High School
              Baguio City, Philippines

Chords Used: 
                    C        G        Am       F        Dm

Intro : C - G - Am - F
        C - G - F - F

C     G         Am          F
Once, we had it all for the taking,

C             G        Am       F
love was just me and you,

You better think twice,

G         Am                F
about the plans that you're making,

     C             G       Am      F
of splitting one world in two,


Put your mind in doubt, did you ever think about
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/westlife/no_no_crd_ver_2.html ]
      F                G
The things that we're missing,

Cant you make me see, what is best for me,

      F            G
cause I just won't listen, baby


C   G       Am
No no, No no, 

I don't need nobody,

C  G                 Am        F
anyone to take your place but you,

C    G      Am
No no, No no,

        F                F        G
I just couldn't fall for anyone new,

nobody but you,

Girl, you are the life that i'm living,
I just can't go on without you,
Let's make it alright,
wake up to what we've been given,
remember the things we've been through, 

I can't imagine,
the two of us apart, 
Can't find a reason,
cause I still believe,
There's no one like you,
that is why I need, 
nobody but you,

I just couldn't fall for anyone new,
nobody but you...

Note: Original Chords are one fret backward
                    Bb        F#       B       E        D

This song is for rachelle ann
Please, come back to me. I need you in my Life.
I Love You So much!!!!!!!......

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