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Hey Whatever Chords

       E                 G#                  E      G#
Well I can't control the universe 'cause I'm only a man
    E               G#                      D        A
And I may read the papers but it won't tell me who I am
                  E          G#
And if you really need a new philosophy
            E              G#
Well here's one that makes sense
        D    A
The one I profess 

        E  G#   E   G#
(I say) Hey Whatever 
         E           G#
Let your beauty come alive 
         D               A
Let your colour fill the sky 
    E  G#   E   G#
And say whatever 
              E              G#
Why don't you liberate your mind? 
         D               A
Let your colour fill the sky 
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E                 G#                     E           G#
All the world's a waiting room and we're standing in line 
        E             G#       D              A
For the answer to the question 'what makes me smile?'
Don't let them change your story
Don't let them change your song
Bm                                   A#m
Don't let the gurus and philosophers lead you on
A     B     C#m   D 
Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah...

Repeat Chorus

E                  G#
It's like taking a seat at the roulette table
E                     G#
And just spinning the wheel
E                   G#
And good or bad you take what comes
         D              A
It don't change how you feel 
E                       G#
If you're a champion of science 
                E          G#
or are you're a freak show fool?
     E         G#         D        A
what cannot be proved can still be true 

Chorus (repeat) x 2

Tabbed By Josh Lawrence @ plusonewildchild@hotmail.com