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Surf Wax America Tab

Weezer,Surf Wax America.
 Tabbed by 6StRiNgchicK,baimee@hotmail.com.
this is just the intro to the weezer song which is my first tab.  i also included the main sound.  but as this IS my first tab, don't expect to see any Guitar 1, Guitar 2 stuff, that's too advanced for me. Plus there's no tab on this so this is a starting point for whoever wants to know.

(for extra knowledge, i downloaded this on napster so i only got half the song....)

Standard EADGBe tuning
this is really fast

G-----0-------0-------------0--     (repeat many times
D-4-----0-2-----------0--------      through song
A---------------3-2s3----------      where necessary)

that's the basic intro
you CAN also play this with two guitars like this:
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/w/weezer/surf_wax_america_tab.html ]
Gtr. 1                  Gtr. 2
e---------------------   e----------------------------
B---------------------   B---3-------1-------------0--
G---------------------   G-----0-------0-------------0
D-4-----0-2-------0---   D----------------------------
A-----------3-2s3-----   A----------------------------
E-------------------3-   E----------------------------

but if you do choose to do that i'm not sure gtr. 2 is completely accurate plus it's way more impressive if you can do it all on one guitar.

and the main chorus (basically) is:


That's a really cheap version but it works, however i'm 90% positive that the intro is correct.
if you believe otherwise feel free to email me 
baimee@hotmail.com,  or submit the rest of the song so that others may enjoy the genius that is WEEZER!
Enjoy the song, buy the album
and just remember \"anyone can play guitar\"
Queen 4 Life.  I know Rik Emmett! haha, sorry Case.

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