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My Best Friend Chords

My Best Friend
Make Believe (2005)

Tune down 1/2 step

e -----------------|
B -----------------|
G --4--4------2----|  x 4  w/ organ
D --4--4--2^4---4--|
A --2--2-----------|
E -----------------|

B5        F#5   E5 B5
When everything is wrong
       F#5  E5 B5   F#5 E5 B5  F#5 E5
I come talk to you
You make things alright
When I'm feelin' blue

G#m            F#
You are such a blessing
G#m            F#       stop
And I won't be messing
         B         A
With the one thing that brings
G#m      F#     E   F#    stop
Light to all my darkness
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            B                          (staccato)
  You're my best friend
  And I love you (love you)
  And I love you (love you)
        B      F#
  Yes I doooo

B5  F#5 E5  x 4  w/ organ

There is no other one
Who can take your place
I feel happy inside
When I see your face

I hope you believe me
'Cause I speak sincerely
And I mean it when I
Tell you I need you


Intro riff  x 8  w/ solo

I'm here right beside you              (soft)
I will never leave you
And I feel the pain you feel           (normal)
When you start cryin'

  Chorus  x 2  (2nd time: continuous)

        B      F#
  Yes I doooo
        B   F# B  \
  Yes I do

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