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The War Is Not Over Chords

The war is not over - Walter & Kazha

This was Latvias compeating song in Eurovision Song Contest 2005. Walter and Kazha has
known eachother since they were only two years old. This song is one of the best I have
ever heard.hope you think so to, so enjoy. 

Intro: C C F F x2
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C             G               Am
I slowly walk into the night arround
        F                   Dm
To see how dreams of people die
C                     G           Am
They gently fall from windows all around
             F                    Dm
And crash against the ground like glass
             G              C    Em      Am     F
And I'm so sorry I'm so helpless in this angry world
   Dm            Dm                G       G
If only I could change it for one day

                F             Am
The war is not over everyone knows it
              Dm                 G   
It's just a reason to make us believe
                    F                   Am    
That someone's the loser someone's the winner
              Dm                            G 
To make us believe that's the way it should be
But I don't wanna believe

In the story they all tell this fairytail has gone to far
I take a step and dare myself to be free
To see how beautiful we are that everyone can be a star
If only we would start believe in dreams
Believe in who we are


Outro: C C F F x2 then C