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If Youre Gonna Be Dumb Tab

Roger Alan Wade - If you're gonna be Dumb

From Jackass The Movie and Steve-O's "Poo-Dive"

Another very simple song, standard tuning.

Intro, verse, chorus: G-C-D

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      G             C             D
e] ---3-------------0-------------2---------------]
B] ---3-------------1-------------3---------------]
G] ---0-------------0-------------2---------------]
D] ---0-------------2-------------0---------------]
A] ---2-------------3-------------x---------------]
E] ---3-------------x-------------x---------------]

I can't be bothered to tab the intro or the ending...

In the intro, mess around with the root-notes, in the ending
play the C for an extended duration and fiddle around with 
the lower E-string in the D-chord to finish the thing off.

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Enjoy! Dannie Jensen '02