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Ok I goofed.  This is what happens when you tab at 3AM This might work better...
Colorful by the Verve Pipe
From the Movie Rock Star.

Intro: A2  G5 D

A2                         G        D
The show is over close the story book,
A2                     G5 D
There will be no encore.
A2                            G5         D
And all the random hands that I have shook well there,
A2                   G5 D 
reaching for the door.
F                                 G5
I watch there backs as they leave single file.
F                                 G5
But you stood stubborn, cheering all the while.
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A2                      G5 D
I know I can be colorful,
A2                     G5 D 
I know I can be grey,
A2                                      G5 D
But I know this losers living fortunante.
F                     G5                A2
Cause I know you will love me either way.
A2////////G5 D.

A2                       G5       D
Most were being good for goodness sake but you
A2                G5 D
wouldn't pantomime.
A2                            G5    D
You are more beautiful when you awake than most
A2               G5 D
are in a lifetime.
F                           G5
Through the haze that is my memory well
F                             G5
You stayed for drama when you paid for a comedy.

F                    G5
Look ahead as far as you can see we'll,
F                       G5
Live in Drama but we'll die in a comedy.
 (back to chorus) repeat till fade out.

Have fun!