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This is my first attempt to tab/chord anything, any corrections would be welcome.  It's a great song.
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intro:  A2  G5  D x2
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The show is over close the story book,there will be no 
G5     D
And all the random hands that I have shook well there, 
                 G5   D
reaching for the door.
F                                G5
I watch there back as they leave single file..
F                                 G5
But you stood stubborn, cheering all the while..
A2                       G5 D
I know I can be colorful,
A2                       G5 D
I know I can be grey,
A2                       G5 D
I know this losers living fortunant.
F                         G5          A2
Cause I know you will love me either way.
A2....G5 D 
2nd verse same as the first...
While most were being good for goodness sake but you 
wouldn't pantomime..
You are more beautiful when you awake than most are in a lifetime.
Through the haze that is my memory you 
Stayed for drama but you paid for a comedy..

F                                     G5       
Through the haze that is my memory we'll, 
F                                     G5
Live in Drama but we'll die in a comedy.
Repeat chorus,