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Lavinia Chords

The Veils - Lavinia

Tabbed by Jorn

comment: Not exactly a guitar rythem, fast and melodic progression,
         I'm certain the basic chords are right, but don't know about variations, 
	 I hear some but can't translate them.
	 The lyrics are like this, but there seems to be a version where he sings something else,
	 if found it on the web so I added it also.
	 Enjoy it and try to figure it out (or find yourself a pianist).

(bass notes A - G# - E - D (F# G# note transition)

chords: fast progression F#m C#m A D / Bm C#m (transition)
(to get the high tones I recommend capo 5th, C#m G#m E A / F#m G#m)

F#m     C#m      A            D 
See my love is asleep on the floor
    Bm         C#m
In a pose that’s familiar

See my sun will just send you to war
If the battles don’t kill you 
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F#m C#m A D              / Bm C#m
I have a change in mind

F#m C#m A D             / Bm C#m
calling all the time 

But I don’t want to live in your side
Though the rose is vermillion
cause I find it so hard to survive
Without when within you 

My sweet Lavinia
My sweet Lavinia 

All my children asleep on the floor
and a fire in the winter
I don't know if I've been there before
but the colour is familiar

I have an age(?) in mind
calling all the time 

for my sweet Lavinia
my sweet Lavinia
my sweet Lavinia
	my sweet 


my sweet Lavinia
my sweet Lavinia
my sweet Lavinia
my sweet Lavinia

(alternative second verse)
All the years buried under the floors
And the wounds in the parlour
Would have come up to greet us before
If it weren’t for my heart because 

I’ve her name in mine
And it’s calling all the time 

For my sweet Lavinia