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Subject: u/uncle_tupelo/cold_shoulder.crd
Date: Fri, 23 May 1997 11:28:32 -0400 (EDT)
From: Jaedsr@aol.com

Cold Shoulder
(Uncle Tupelo from "still feel gone")
transcribed by Jsramek@sun.iwu.edu

G                                              D
DoesnÆt matter what youÆve said
F#m                         G
Or what youÆve done
G                                       D
When youÆve lost your head
F#m                                  G
YouÆre lookin for a new one
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Bm                        A                  G     A
Your heaven looks just like my hell
A                                     G
Beautiful, as far as I can tell
Bm                         A                     G    A
but your heaven looks just like my hell

Just as I drown
then you see itÆs real
So I hold myself down
cause I like the way it feels


Bm            A               G           A
How could I have ever needed
Bm            A                G          A
such a cold heart to count on
Bm            A               G            A
and how could I have ever wanted
Bm            A                 G          A
such a cold shoulder to cry on
For the end, Tweedy goes through the one verse of chords (GàDàF#màG) then one
verse of the chorus (BmàAàGàA).