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{title:Black Eye}
{st:Uncle Tupelo}
{st:"March 16-20, 1992"}
{st:by Jay Farray & Jeff Tweedy}
{st:typed in by Stephen House}
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{st:This is the first song that I have ever learned "by ear".  Therefore,}
{st:this transcription could be horribly wrong.  For example, I am not sure}
{st:if the D chords are really D's.  If you have any corrections please}
{st:email me at sdhouse@eos.ncsu.edu.  Enjoy!!}
{textsize: 10}

[A]He had a [C]black eye,
he was [F]proud of,
like some of his [C]friends,
[D]it made him feel,
somewhere [C]outside,
of [G]everything [Em]and everywhere,
he'd [C]been.

[A]Like his [C]brothers,
he [F]emptied himself,
and played it [C]safe,
like their [D]father,
he wanted to [C]remember,
but he [G]almost always [Em]forgot,
what he was gonna [C]say.

[d]Black [C]Eye /[G]* * [Em]* */
Black [C]Eye

[A]When he'd [C]realized,
that [F]this one was here to [C]stay,
he [D]took down all the [A]mirrors in the [C]hallway,
and [G]thought only [Em]of his younger [C]face.

[A]Black [C]Eye /[G]* * [Em]* */
Black [C]Eye