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By Markbo (markmark552@hotmail.com)

"Uncle Andy" who was 88 years old at the time (1990). Claimed he played fiddle for 
Hank Williams sr. Andy had a lot of good songs, I learned as many as I could before 
He passed away. Thank you and Rest in peace Uncle Andy.

       G                       C      
I was goin down the hill doin' ninty miles an hour

          G                   D
when the chain on my bicycle broke,

       G                         C    
I was scratched all over by the rocks and the gravel
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       G            D            D
I was punctured to death by the spokes.

  G                                 C 
I aint kiddin I aint a lyin' I was layin there a dyin'

         G                            D
with the handlebars a sticken down my throat!

          G                             C
I had the front wheel for a necktie the back wheel for a collar 

       G          D           G
I was wearin the fender for a belt.

        G                                 C
you can talk about your accidents in your hot rod fords and airplanes

        G                            D
but the accident I had will take the cake

       G                            C
I was layin' in the grass with the sprocket in my (pause) pocket 

      G             D               G    G C G D G 
I was never gion'to ride that bike again