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Mr. Recordman Chords

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I didn't write this, (Alejandro Medina Montero) did.

                             --CUT HERE --

Hi there! Here's my version of this cool song (any comments, suggestions would
be greately appreciated...):

                          U G L Y   K I D   J O E
                             "Mr. Recordman"

Chords used:

    G    Cadd9    D 
E |-3------3------2------|
B |-3------3------3------|
G |-0------0------2------|
D |-0------2------0------|
A |-2------3-------------|
E |-3--------------------|

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(To get the rythm right, listen to the recording. But if you want to play
along, remember to tune down your guitar 1/2 a step...)
G Cadd9 G D (play this a couple of times)


    G     Cadd9 G  D        G    Cadd9 G  D
Mr. Recordman,       do you know who I am?

    G     Cadd9 G D         G      Cadd9   G   D
Mr. Recordman,       do you really think I can?


E |3----------------3--------------2----------------------------|
B |3----------------3--------------3----------------------------|
G |0----------------0--------------2-------------0------0-------|
D |0----------------2--------------0-----------0------0-------0-|
A |2----------------3--------------------0-2-3------2-----0h2---|
E |3------------------------------------------------------------|
     (I've takin' a likin' to your game...)

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