Ub40 Chords & Tabs

Song name Rating
01. 12 Bar Bass Tab
02. 25 Bass Tab
03. Adella Bass Tab
04. Adella (ver 2) Bass Tab
05. After Tonight Bass Tab
06. As Always You Were Wrong Again Chords
07. Baby Chords
08. Baby Bass Tab
09. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain Chords
10. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain Bass Tab
11. Boom Shacka Lacka Chords
12. Breakfast In Bed Chords
13. Breakfast In Bed Bass Tab
14. Bring Me Your Cup Chords
15. Bring Me Your Cup Bass Tab
16. Burden Of Shame Bass Tab
17. Cant Help Falling In Love Whit You Chords
18. Cant Help Falling In Love With You Chords
19. Cherry Oh Baby Chords
20. Come Back Darling Bass Tab
21. Cover Up Bass Tab
22. Crying Over You Bass Tab
23. Desert Sand Bass Tab
24. Dont Blame Me Bass Tab
25. Dont Break My Heart Chords
26. Dont Break My Heart Bass Tab
27. Dont Do The Crime Bass Tab
28. Dont Let It Pass You By Bass Tab
29. Dont Slow Down Chords
30. Dont Slow Down Bass Tab
31. Dont Worry Be Happy Chords
32. Dream A Lie Bass Tab
33. Earth Dies Screaming Bass Tab
34. Elevator Bass Tab
35. End Of War Bass Tab
36. Every Breath You Take Tab
37. Folitician Bass Tab
38. Food For Thought Chords
39. Food For Thought Bass Tab
40. Food For Thought (ver 2) Bass Tab
41. Forget The Cost Bass Tab
42. Getting Over The Storm Chords
43. Get Along Without You Now Chords
44. Good Situation Bass Tab
45. Groovin Chords
46. Groovin (ver 2) Chords
47. Groovin Bass Tab
48. Guns In The Ghetto Chords
49. Here I Am Baby Come And Take Me Bass Tab
50. Higher Ground Chords
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