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Runnning To Stand Still Chords

U2 - Running to Stand Still
From "The Joshua Tree"
Transcribed by >>AlbiN<<

I did tab out the little guitar/harmonica bit but I've lost it and can't
be bothered to do it again. Satisfy to say that it revolves around the shape

e 2 and includes  5  and some string bends. 'pologies for the the laziness.
b 3               5
g 2               0
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So she woke up, woke up from
Where she was, lying still, and said 
D                                     G
"I've got to do something about where we're going,
D                        G
Step on a steam train, step out of the 
driving rain maybe, run from the 
D               A
darkness in the night."

        A                G
Singing "La la la la de dei,
A                  G
Oh, la la la la de dei
A     D
ah la la de dei."