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Angel Of Harlem Tab

			     Angel of Harlem - U2
Tabbed by: Nik Iafrancesco
Email: nikiaf@gmail.com (feel free to email me)

Tuning: Standard
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/u/u2/angel_of_harlem_tab.html ]
        n   n   v  n    v  n   v   n
*note* the (x) is just a muted string. after watching the edge perform this song on the
and hum dvd i noticed he muted the E string with his middle finger. also he did not
play the notes i put in brackets, but if you like to play the full 3 string power chord, 
would be how it is. enjoy! if you noticed anything wrong with the tab, please dont
to email me. Although it may sound as thought there are more parts to the song, this is 
only part played by the guitar.

| n   downstroke
| v   upstroke