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All Because Of You Tab

U2 - All Because of You
How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb (2004)

It's pretty simple. Listen to the album to get the strum pattern. **USE BAR CHORDS!!!**

        E          E          G         D          A          G         A
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E -----0--------0--------3--------5--------5--------3--------5--------|
B -----0--------0--------3--------7--------5--------3--------5--------|
G -----1--------1--------4--------7--------6--------4--------6--------|
D -----2--------2--------5--------7--------7--------5--------7--------|     (x4)
A -----2--------2--------5--------5--------7--------5--------7--------|
E -----0--------0--------3--------x--------5--------3--------5--------|

The rest of the songs just work off of the E, D, A.
                        Good Luck