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Sent by: Briac PILPRE - briac@orbital.frMC5LOOKING AT YOUfrom Back in the USA (1970)Rythm guitar:   E        De-7---7-----5---5---------B-9---9-----7---7---------G-9---9-----7---7---------D-9---9-----7---7---------A-7---7-----7---7---------E-7---7-----5---5---------This goes thru the wole song....When it happenedSomething snaped inside meMe want to hideAll alone on my ownAll alone on my ownI stood up on the stand with my eyes shut tightDidn't want to see anybodyFeelin happy, having a good timeNow Hey! Doin' allright, doin' allrightDoin' allright, doin' allrightSoloI'm staring to the dancing crowdFelt like screamin out loudI saw you standing thereI saw you loveSaw you love, heyOpen up my eyes baby(Feedback in E )You made me realized what I want to do nowAll I want to do now girlIs look at youLookin at you babeIs look at youLookin at you babeYeahI'm staring to the dancing crowdI felt like screamin out loudAll I wanna to do, all I wanna to doAll I want to doIs look at youLookin at you babeIs look at youLookin at you babeI'm looking at you, I'm looking at youI'm looking at you babyyou baby, you baby, you baby yeahFirst Solo
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