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Vashs Theme Bass Tab

                             Trigun - Vash's Theme
Tabbed by: Andrew Sturm
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This is my transcription of Vash's Theme, it sounds good, I'm not sure, but when you
play it that way, you're playing all the natural notes, but if somebody finds something
that sounds better,  please inform me.  Also, every time you hit the 12, hit it rather
stacatto.  Those carrots above the twelves mark capped notes, meaning play them as short
as you see fit, maybe a 16th or 32nd note...Enjoy! Oh! Watch the timing, it's a bummer

G| ------------------------------------------------|
D| ---------^---------^---------^------------------|
A| -7h8s10s12-7h8s10s12-7h8s10s12--7---------------|
E| ------------------------------------------------|

Repeat that piece as the song progresses and enjoy!