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Trickle Down Chords

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Date: Fri, 25 Oct 1996 11:49:03 -0700 (PDT)
From: Sacha Mallais 
Subject: CRD: "Trickle Down" by The Tragically Hip

Beautifully written Hip song about trickle down economics (my
interpretation, of course).

Trickle Down - The Tragically Hip
from "Up To Here" (or "up to here")

  |   E   |   D   |   E   |   E   |    x4

Verse 1:
|E           |E  |A           |A
  Old lion's dyin, got left behind
          |E                |E
  Cut your teeth, lose your meat
      |A              |A
  And man it's just a matter of time
|E             |E    |A            |A
  Key's to the cuffs, you might be king
         |B         |B          |B     |B
  That's it, that's all, that's everything

Verse 2:
  Skeletons come here to dance
  Where barrooms beat their brothers
  Into a bloody trance
  What's the deal? What did I do?
  Who cops all the cops is all I asked of you
[ Tab from: ]
|E   |D     |E              |E
  Lining up, waiting on the trickle down
|E         |D    |E             |E
  Somethings up, taking time to get around
|E    |D    |A                 |A
  Belly up, all the drinks are on the Crown
|A            |A          |E            |E
  It's just a matter of a trickle down

Verse 3:
  Twenty miles before the crash
  That's the style for a while
  And man I think it's gonna last
  "Hit the brakes" is all you can say
  Conductor says we'll save them for another rainy day


|   E   |   D   |   E   |   E   |    x10
|   E   |   D   |   A   |   A   |
|   A   |   A   |   E   |   E   |
[sort of...]

Verse 1


Chorus (screaming)

|A/A4         |A          |E            |E     x2
  It's just a matter of a trickle down
|   E   |  A/A4  |   E   |   -   |             x1

Chords are: (I don't really play these, but I believe its what they play)
E's that begin a line:   all other E's:     D's:      A's:      A/A4:     B's:
---2---0---              ---0---         ---3---2--- ---0--- ---0---0--- ---2---
---0---0---              ---0---         ---3---3--- ---2--- ---2---3--- ---4---
---1---1---              ---1---         ---2---2--- ---2--- ---2---2--- ---4---
---2---2---              ---2---         ---0---0--- ---2--- ---2---2--- ---4---
---2---2---              ---2---         ---x---x--- ---0--- ---0---0--- ---2---
---0---0---              ---0---         ---x---x--- ---x--- ---x---x--- ---x---

Sacha Michel Mallais 
   The bird of paradise alights only upon the hand that does not grasp.