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You Wanted More Chords

You Wanted More
   American Pie Soundtrack

   This is a good song. Though if you listen to the lyrics, it's
   pretty incoherent. But I digress. This is just something to base future
   tabbings of this song on. Enjoy.

   Lyrics supplied at FreshLyrics.

   Standard Tuning


   Intro/"That little riff throughout the song"
   (People will agree that this is SO incorrect.
   but it's the closest thing
   I can conjure up.)

   Main Verse

   Bm(7), A, riff
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   D, A, G, Bm, A


   Love Is Tragic
   Love Is Bold
   You Will ALways Do What You Are Told
   Love Is Hard
   Love Is Strong
   You Will Never Say That You Were Wrong
   I Don't Know When I Got Bitter
   But Love Is Surely Better When It's Gone

   'Cause You Wanted More
   More Than I could Give
   More than I could handle
   In a life that I can't live
   You wanted more
   More than I could bear
   More than I could offer
   For a love that isn't there

   Love is color
   Love is loud
   Love is never saying that you're too proud
   Love is trusting 
   Love is honest
   Love is not a hand to hold you down
   I don't know when I got bitter
   But love is surely better when it's gone


   I got to pick me up when I am down
   I got to get my feet back on the ground
   I got to pick me up when I am down