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I Wont Back Down Chords

Very Simple, I just heard how Tom played it Live this Way:

       Em    D    G
Well I Wonīt back down,
     Em    D    G      
No I Wonīt Back down,
        Em       D         C
You can stand me Up at the Gates of Hell,
      Em    D    G
But I Wonīt back down.
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          Em    D  G
Iīm Gonna Stand my Ground
         Em- D  G
Wonīt be Turned around
      Em        D          C
And I Keep This World from Dragginī me Down
      Em    D  G
Gonna Stand my Ground
      Em    D    G
And i Wonīt back down

C    D    G D C                       D
Hey, Baby,    There Ainīt No Easy Way Out
C    D       Em    D  G
Hey, I, Will Stand my Ground, 
      Em    D    G
and I Wonīt back Down.

Well I Know Whats Right,
I Got Just One Life,
In A World That Keeps on Pushing Me Around,
But I Stand my Ground,
And I Wonīt Back Down

Repeat Refrain 2x

Listen, Folks, Thats not Just a Song, Itīs a Prayer!
Keep Rockin!