Tom Paxton Chords & Tabs

Song name Rating
01. Born On The Fourth Of July Chords
02. Bottle Of Wine Tab
03. Buy A Gun For Your Son Chords
04. Cant Help But Wonder Where Im Bound Chords
05. Crazy John Chords
06. Did You Hear John Hurt Chords
07. George W Told The Nation Chords
08. Getting Up Early Chords
09. Going To The Zoo Chords
10. Hold On To Chords
11. In Florida Chords
12. Jimmy Newman Chords
13. Johhny Got A Gun Chords
14. Johnny Got A Gun Chords
15. Last Thing On My Mind Chords
16. Last Thing On My Mind (ver 2) Chords
17. Last Thing On My Mind (ver 3) Chords
18. Last Thing On My Mind (ver 4) Chords
19. Lyndon Johnson Told The Nation Chords
20. Marvellous Toy Chords
21. Marvelous Toy Chords
22. My Dogs Bigger Than Your Dog Tab
23. Ramblin Boy Chords
24. The Party Chords
25. This World Goes Round And Round Chords
26. Under American Skies Tab
27. Wasnt That A Party Chords
28. You Can Eat Dog Food Chords
29. Yuppies In The Sky Chords