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Walk On The Ocean Chords

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Walk on the Ocean
by Toad the Wet Sprocket
(off the FEAR album)

contributed by Ryan Houlette
This is just how I play it.

On the CD, the whole song is capoed up to the fourth fret.
Listen to the recording to get the rhythm.


               G C G         C           G  --> (you can walk the bass note up
We spotted the ocean  at the head of the trail   from E to G here, or not)
C            G C G          A  --->    (hammer on the second string of the A
where are we going,  so far away?       from the 2nd fret to the 3rd fret)
A            G C G         C           G    --> (again, walk the bass up)
Now somebody told me  that this is the place
      C            G C G              A       --> (do that A hammer-on again--
Where everything's better, and everything's safe   in fact, do it for every A)

A           G                  D       A
Walk on the ocean  Step on the stones
A             G                   D     A
Flesh becomes water  Wood becomes bone

A            G C G     C             G
Half an hour later  we packed up our things
C              G C G                     A
Said we'd send letters, and all of those little things
A                     G C G           C               G
And they knew we were lying, but they smiled just the same
   C             G C G                 A
It seemed they'd already  forgotten we came

same as above

just play the chords to the chorus
over four times (I think)
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A           G C G                C             G
Back at the homestead, where the air makes you choke
    C            G C G                    A
And people don't know you  and trust is a joke
A                  G C G          C           G
We don't even have pictures, just memories to hold
          C            G C G                     A
That grow sweeter each season  as we slowly grow old

From: (David Shapiro)
Subject: Re: REQ: chords to "Walk on the Ocean" by toad the wet sprocket

In <3fmc5n$> (pirani) writes:

>I would appreciate it if someone could post the chords to "Walk on the Ocean"
>by toad the wet sprocket.

First off, capo on 4th fret. Thus all the 4's below are like open
strings. The chords used throughout the song are:


    B         E          Db       Abm         F#

The parentheses signify notes that only get played occasionally.
For the F#, the 6 on the low E string may or may not be played, but
it's a nice way to follow the bass line. You'll probably want to use
your thumb for that note.

The verse goes:

 | B  E | B  Db | Abm  E | B  Db | B  E | B  F# | Db | Db :|

The chorus goes:

 | Abm  F# | B | F# | Db | Abm  F# | B | F# | Db ||

In the measures with Abm and F#, the F# is only played on the last
beat, serving as a passing chord to the B (now you can see why the
bass line is important -- here it goes Ab Bb B, kinda cool)

The chorus and solo have the same chords. The final verse has the
same chords and the other verses except the measure | Abm  E |
becomes | Abm F# |.

That's pretty much the whole song. All other Toad requests are
welcome, either by emailing or posting, cause Toad kicks butt.


Dave Shapiro