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Day After Day Chords

Hey guys, this is pretty accurate I'm sure! If you would like to know what the chords
are (as in how to play them) or you have any other questions, then feel free to drop me
a line at voodoo_doll85@hotmail.com!
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E         F#m
Day after day
I'll search to find You
E         F#m      D
Day after day I'll wait for You
    E        F#m    D                E       F#m     D
The deeper I go the more I love Your name

           A     E           Bm 
So keep my heart pure and my ways true
     A   E  D
As I follow You
        A  E              Bm 
Keep me humble, I'll stay mindful
        A   E   D
Of Your mercies Lord

I'll cherish your Word
I'll seek Your presence
I'll chase after You with all I have
For one day I know I'll see You face to face