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Fell Down The Stairs Chords

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[D]                              [G]
You fell down the stairs into my arms
[Em]                [A]
And swiftly ran the other way
[D]                             [G]
And I heard the steady swell of applause
              [Em]           [A]                  [G] [D]
The two drunk kids trying to figure out which way was home 
         [Em]         [B7]                        [G]
They got lost as they were taking off each others clothes
     [D]                              [A]
They realised there was a hole in the boat
         [G]              [A]              [D]
And with no lifesaver you try your best to float

And eventually the sky did return and I was there outside in green
And I watched the world being reborn till 1am
So I thought I'd let you know it was beautiful
Slow-dancing to tunes of Billy Holiday
The city looked wonderful that way
And love just like blood will always stain

And if I could reverse it I don't think that it'd be worth it 
Cause I know in my heart I would never let you tumble to the ground

No I'll never let you fall
I would never let you tumble to the ground

(end on) [D]



 Kirk Sarrine