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Never Die Chords

                            NEVER DIE - Tiger Army 

by Bob MacBryce (dj_corpse@hotmail.com) 

D A 
When the slumber of forever called me home. 
E B 
I will not be gone, you will never be alone. 
D A 
My words will come to you through time and space. 
E B 
You'll know where to find my and i'll be there. 

A C A# D (I'll be there) x2 

D A 
Listen to the winds at night. 
E B 
You will hear me call your name. 
D A 
I once felt so alone but now i'm home. 
E B 
And i know there is something... beyond. 

A C A# D x2 
A C A# D [Palm Muted] x2 

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D A 
The words i speak today shall outlive me. 
E B 
I call on forces that send chills down your spine. 
D A 
For i long to drink of immortality. 
E B 
Of this nighttime starts, they speak to me. 
D A 
For we all shall someday part the veil. 
E B 
And cross through to the other side. 
D B 
In one way or another i shall live on and never die. 
D B 
In death as in life. I will arise. 

A C A# D x4 

A [PM] C [PM] A# [PM] D [PM] 
Never! Die! Never! Die! x4 

Em F# Em A# A x4 

[Let ring] 
All Hail Darkness ! 

Em F# Em 

In her majestic glory. 
She was always my true love. 
I never quite belonged here. 
Though i've fallen so far from grace. 
Please will you keep me in your memory. 
And a little place for you in my hearts. 
Eternal soul ! Never dies ! 

F# G F# D B (x4)