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Dying In New Brunswick Tab

BAND: Thursday
SONG: Dying In New Brunswick
DISC: Waiting

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okay, this song has a quirky bassline and two clever guitars....i can give the basic
chord structure and some of the interesting guitaring but what Thursday seems to do
is imply a chord progression and have both guitars and the bass just do interesting
stuff around it.  it sounds like there's a lot going on in this song and i'm giving
you what it is based on.

Drop D

intro/verse: Riff 1:

 you told me on your birthday all the things that
B5    	       A5      D5
this place had done to you
 and in the streets you walk, you hide your face cause
B5	     A5		G5
they don't believe it's true
     B5  	    A5 		G5
they say it doesn't happen that often
	 B5 	   A5
but it's happening right now


riff 2    --------------------|
		   i'm writing you this
	letter to      let you know

	B5  A5      G5
	i'm not all right

riff 3     -7-7/9-9-9/11-11-11/12---|

	    B5		      A5	 G5 	(riff 3)
	the streets are still paved with hate
	   B5		   A5	   G5
	so cry yourself to sleep tonight, and say

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riff 4    --x-7-7/9-x-9-9/11-x-11-11/12-x-12\11--7---|
					"no     there
	B5		   A5
	aren't enough love songs in the sky"

 You're counting down the days till you can say
B5	 A5	   D5
"bye bye city, bye-bye"
 You're walking down on Union, you see the roads and
B5  	       A5      G5
know they're a part of you.
     B5		   A5	       G5
They say it doesnt happen that often
	 B5	   A5
But it's happening right now.

	I'm writing you a second time to let you know
	Nothing here has changed
	The streets are still paved with hate
	So cry yourself to sleep tonight, and say
	(riff 4)

-0-0-0-0-0~-------------------8-8-8-8--10-10-10-10-|   repeat a few times...

 D5 (minor)      Bb5

Will you look back on this night
As the day that ruined your life.
Will you look back on these city streets and say,
"Oh, God, where are you?"

In these city streets I hide my face.
I turn away when you look at me
And every night when I try and sleep.
I feel your hands all over my body.

OUTRO: pound away on Dm
you scratched away the street signs and you shot out all the stop lights
you smashed away the buildings, what would you have left?

that's it, i think.  for corrections, email me at
if i recognize any corrections, i'll post them at
i love this song.  enjoy.  disclaimer: it wasn't my fault.
disclaimer: though i also wanted more than friendship,
more than anything i just wanted friendship.
email me with comments.
peace, love, rock and roll,