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Offerings Chords

F#m (2442222), E (022100), A (002220), Asus (002230), D (XX0232)

Intro: F#m E A Asus F#m E Asus A
F#m             E      A      Asus A
Magnificent holy father
F#m         E                 A   Asus A
I stand in awe of all I see
D             A                              F#m  
Of all the things that you’ve created 
D                   A                         E
And still you chose to think of me
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F#m       E                          A      Asus A
Who am I that you should suffer 
F#m         E                    A   Asus A
your very life to set me free 
D           A                      F#m  
the only thing that I can give you 
D       A                       E
is the life you gave to me 

                  D                    A
This is my offering dear lord 
                  D                     E
this is my offering to you god 
           F#m             E          
I will give you my life 
            A                  D
for it’s all I have to give 
                        E         A
because you gave your life for me

F#m        E                        A   Asus A
I stand before you at this altar 
F#m       E                       A     Asus A
so many have given you more 
D            A                        F#m  
I may no have much I can offer 
D               A                 E
but what I have is truly yours