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Never Bow Down Chords

Verse 1:
Em7                C(9)  D                   Asus>A   Em7                 
 Take me from my home    drag me with the tether      tell me its all 
C(9)        D                      Asus>A     Em7                       C(9)
  wrong the things i've always known _____instill in me all that you think 
     D                 Asus>A  Em7                C(9) D                Asus
will make all of us better     do just what you want   it matters not to me 
A                     E5
i will never bow down

[ Tab from: ]
G5     D5              C5             E5  G5      D5            C5
  oh i know i will be saved from the fire     oh yeah  i will never 
          E5 G5  D5                    C5        D   Asus>A
compromise    all that i have and everything i hold oh no

 Em7    C(9)     D    Asus    A      E5     G5                             
------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ---xxx O--xxx 
-OO--- --O--- ---O-O --OO-- --OOO- -OOxxx ---xxx
----O- -O--OO ----O- ----O- ------ ---xxx -OOxxx
------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ---xxx ---xxx

5fret   3fret
  D5     C5
xO--xx xO--xx
x---xx x---xx
x-OOxx x-OOxx
x---xx x---xx  Merry Christmas