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Its A Shame Chords

REMEMBER:The chords would have different names because of the capo but i'll try to make it easy on you

CAPO FIRST FRET (Hard chords at bottom)

A             E/A          Bm7                       D
 I hate to be  to be the one who's given up and feels that all our hope is 
    A                 E/A             Bm7                          D
gone but what i thought was a miracle     just turned unto the same old 

problem that it was

A                         D       A                 D              
  She longs for better days she's always been afraid 
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and its a shame oh its 
      D         A                                E/A             Bm7        
a shame that you are throwing your whole life away and its a shame oh its a 
     D       A                           E/A             D
shame i wonder if you're ever gonna change oh its a shame

E/A            D                                A
  Well, you left her without leaving and you hit her without swinging you 
   E/A                         Bm7       D                            A
took away without giving a thing   except for pain and sorrow i'm praying 
                      G                             E/A
that tomorrow that you will open up your eyes and see (goes into chorus)

Chords: Read it vertically
 Bm7     A     E/A
x----- x----- ---O--
xO-O-O x--OO- --O---
x----- x----- ------
x----- x----- ------