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Rosalie Chords

This is the Lizzy Version of the old Bob Seger tune from the TL
album "Fighting".  Any corrections are welcome.

 Intro: A and Asus4 alternately (listen to the song)

 Verses: A and Asus 4 alternatively

 Chorus: E, G, D, G, D, and then E, G, D, G, D, into A and Asus4
 alternately as the song's title is repeated 4 times
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 Bridge: E, D, A, D, A, D, A, E, then there is A solo or you can
 just go right back into the last set of verses and chorus

  This is my first attempt at something like this as you can probably
  tell.  If you listen to the song, however, it isn't that hard to
  figure out.  Heck, I did it, and it sounds OK.

  PPL - Gone But Not Forgotten - This attempted chord arrangement is
  "Dedicated" +Dano+ and Ozzie         Peace, Ron