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Dont Lets Start Chords

Artist: THey Might Be Giants
Song: Don't Lets Start
Album: They Might Be Giants

Em+maj7 can be played 021000
 Em+dom7       "      020000
 Em+6          "      042000

Intro: G C Em A x2
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G                   C                   Em                  A
Don't     don't  don't  let's start          this is the worst part
Em        Em+maj7   G                   A                   D
  could believe for all the world  that you're  my precious little   girl but
G                   C                   Em                  A
don't     don't  don't  let's start          I've got a weak heart        and
G                   C                   A                   D
I   don't    get   around     how  you  get   around
G                   C                   F                   D
When  you   are    alone  you  are  the cat, you  are  the  phone, you are an
G                   C                   F                   D
Em                                      F
D         world   destruction           O    ver   and      overture
G                                       C                   C7
N         do   I    need     apostrophe T     need  this    torture
I   don't want to   live      in   this world               anymore
I   don't want to   live      in   this world

Em  Em+maj7  Em+dom7  Em+6  D   G